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Speedy Junk Car Removal

888JUNKCARS.COM is based in Phoenix, Arizona, and we provide service throughout our wonderful State of Arizona. We offer convenient junk car removal and pay top dollar with same-day service in most cases. We also provide a free notary if needed.

Cash for Your Car

We buy everything, as long as it resembles, a vehicle. We buy vehicles that have/are:

• Nice and Pretty but broke
• Wrecked
• Stolen
• Sunk
• Burned
• Demolished
• Destroyed
• Acts of Nature

Reasonable Offers

Get a fair price offer on any type of junk vehicle. We buy cars, trucks, sports utility vehicles (SUVs), and recreational vehicles* (RVs) of any year, model, or make.

*RVs are based on a few different terms than vehicles because of material used and size and etc. Also towing of these types are quite different than everyday cars so simply call us at 888-611-7416 and together, we'll figure it out.


Proof of ownership, or a clean, lien free title is required for us to purchase it. Arizona titles require them to be notarized but we provide that service for free. For vehicles that don't have titles or left on a property, we provide a free removal service, but just ask for proof of residency and help you fill out the necessary paperwork. Again, we provide a free notary for this as well. All vehicles though must be complete and not missing any MAJOR parts:

• Engine

• Transmission

• Wheels

• Tires


At 888JUNKCARS.COM, we strive to pay as much as possible, however if we purchase cars WITHOUT a battery, there is a $25 deduction from the cost of the vehicle. We will gladly swap them with an old one so you can keep the NEWEST one possible, if you supply the old, junk battery.

Without keys, there is a $50 deduction because damage will be caused to the vehicle to allow us to move it. Most insurance companies or AAA roadside assistance can assist you in getting a duplicate set which will help you get the very most for your vehicle.


Be part of our mission and help make a difference for a cleaner environment when you sell your junk cars. When left in the open, these vehicles can leak coolant, oi,l fuel, and other hazardous chemicals that pose a danger to wildlife and nature. These vehicles are also huge eyesores to the community and can violate local laws and regulation. After buying any junk cars, we them for parts, provide them to local wrecking yards throughout the Valley and recycle the metal by reusing it in other ways, such as manufacturing new cars, homes, and office buildings for our future generations.

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